Animal feed supplement industry


Another important fact for the achievement of the company's targets is the employment of training staff. The training becomes with high familiarity and more further education of the staff in subjects where based on quality of offering products, which based on annual training program.

The new staff of the company receives the appropriate education with seminar form, and with training during his work.

For the total of the staff kept training records from the Responsible of Quality Administrator, who with the Executive Manager has the responsibility for the evaluation of the ability of the staff. The evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Relevant experience and training of the staff correspondingly with the demands of his work
  • Training seminars which have attendant the staff
Among 40 persons contained specialties where staff the company like Veterinarians, Agriculturists of vital production, feeding technicians, chemists, with special knowledge and experience in feeding subjects.

All staff in NUTRIFARM is responsible for the secure of the quality of the company doing parallel a continuing effort for the improvement of the productive products and offering services to customers.