Animal feed supplement industry


NUTRIFARM specialized in supplement feeding production in aviculture, hatchery, stockbreeding. At the private facilities of 3.500 s.m. area at Industrial Area of Thessaloniki acts 7 production departments.

  • Production of supplements
  • Production of premix supplements
  • Licking Blocks
  • Stockbreeding milks
  • Concentrates
  • Liquid premix - water soluble supplements
  • Water soluble supplements
The company has scientific staff with veterinarians, agriculturists, specialized in feeding subjects. At the production departments there is special trained staff of 40 persons in order to secure the quality productive products.

NUTRIFARM plan is providing high quality products, in order to fully satisfy the demands of the customers, and keeping parallel the high level of efficiency. For this achievement NUTRIFARM company offers:

  • Scientific staff with appropriate training
  • Chemical laboratory with appropriate equipment for secure of quality and health of products
  • Perfect organization
  • Up to date mechanical equipment and modern facilities
  • Delivery net with private trucks
NUTRIFARM work on stockbreeding supplements since the year 1980, and developed forage products, with its formula (specifications). These prescriptions comprise mental property of the company, and proved totally right in action, have verified from the market and have confirmed at the past. These material specifications considerate today confirming plan, strong, and does not change or turns every day. The number of specifications today hits more that 1.500 because after customers demand we can produce any formula demanded.

The total of supplies, when these regarding in products (raw materials, packaging materials, helpful materials, etc.), or in providing services, or in equipment supply becomes only from verifying suppliers, after technical evaluation of the candidate suppliers.

The company in continuing effort in order to improve the productive products follows:

  • Already from year 2001 system of Quality EN ISO 9001:2000 where she is certified with No of Protocol 362504, and recently sure certified with the (HACCP) BS ISO 22000:2018 specifies requirements for Food Safety managment system

  • She received after control approval from the Ministry of Agriculture Growth with code approval EL5400004/02-06-2006 as constructor of - supplements of animal feed - complex anima feed - and as intermediary for the circulation of additional matters (proteins - amino-acids)
For that reason has built a special equipment chemical laboratory with analytical modernized instruments in order to check the resolutions of raw materials to execute the appropriate controls during the production and secure the perfect quality.

The above investments, in education and continuing training in human staff and in continuing renewal and upgrade of the technological equipment, minded the optimization of quality and increasing the productivity, decisive elements for existing and operating of one vertical production unit of stockbreeding supplements.

Since establishment NUTRIFARM cooperates and continuing to cooperate with the biggest companies where offering stockbreeding supplements feeding in Thessaloniki, Athens and in the rest of Greece. The last 3 years occurs in stable rise in sales and this have to do with the quality of the productive products and in the specialization of these, in production of pioneer specifications in proportion with the needs of customers.

This time the company has 2000 acting customers in all Greece. The network occupied many Balkan and Arabic countries. Customers are also the biggest companies of delivering stockbreeding products in Greece.

Because of constructor and deliver he can offer to customer the best prices and the most remarkable products, accomplished the needs and providing totally support in feeding subjects.