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High fat content in milk

BUTTER LICKING BLOCK<br>High fat content in milk

Feed supplement | Butter licking block for increasing fat content in milk.

Composition - Per 10Kg.
Vitamin B12

E6 Zinc (oxide)
E1 Iron (sulfate)
E5 Manganese (oxide)
E2 Iodine (IK)
E8 Selenium (SeNa)
Copper (sulphate)
E3 Cobalt (sulphate)

Calcium Carbonate
Phosphorus (DCP)
Magnesium (oxide)
Sodium (chloride)
Sodium proprionate
Sodium Bicarbonate
10 mcg
5.000 mg
3.000 mg
1.000 mg
120 mg
28 mg
500 mg
130 mg
11.000 mg
2.000 mg
50.000 mg
30,00 %
5,00 %
20,00 %
Enable animals to lick it by putting it next to mangers and waterers or hanging it through its middle hole in a distance that animals can reach comfortably. We leave the product for at will consumption from the animals.
BUTTER BLOCK is a feed supplement with minerals with added sodium both bicarbonate and proprionate. Its use strengthens the nutrition with minerals and contributes to increase fat content in milk. It also improves the digestion process and protects from rumen acidosis.

Suitable for cows, goats and sheeps.
Paper boxes of:
18kg (including 6 pieces of 3kg each)
20kg (including 2 pieces of 10kg each)
20kg (including 4 pieces of 5kg each)

Must be stored in dry, dark and moisture-free places.
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