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Feed supplement | Vitamin Licking Block with minerals.

Composition - Per 10 Kg.
Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E

Calcium Carbonate
Phosphorus (DCP)
E1 Iron (sulfate)
E6 Zinc (oxide)
E5 Manganese (oxide)
Magnesium (oxide)
Copper (oxide)
E3 Cobalt (sulfate)
E2 Iodine (IK)
E8 Selenium (SeNa)
Sodium (chloride)
100.000 UI
20.000 UI
250 mg
10.000 mg
6.000 mg
3.000 mg
5.000 mg
1.000 mg
1.000 mg
500 mg
120 mg
120 mg
25 mg
30,00 %
Enable animals to lick it by putting it next to mangers and waterers or hanging it through its middle hole in a distance that animals can reach comfortably. We leave the product for at will consumption from the animals.
The composition below is an ideal feed supplement due to its high percentage of Calcium, Phosphorus, Minerals and Vitamins. Vitamin block can be implemented to meet the daily nutritional needs of all productive animals.

Vitamin block is appropriate for:
-High production.
-Small content in Phosphorus & Calcium Carbonate in the animalʼs diet.
-Permanent fertility problems.
-Diseases in the legs of animals.

Suitable for cows, goats, calves, sheeps and lamps.
Paper boxes of:
18kg (including 6 pieces of 3kg each)
20kg (including 2 pieces of 10kg each)
20kg (including 4 pieces of 5kg each)

Must be stored in dry, dark and moisture-free places.
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