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Bee Feed supplement | Liquid Supplement Acid Regular Bee Feed Oxidisis for acidity adjustment of bee feeds with disorders prevention of the digestive system & control of parasitic invasions.

Composition - Per 1 litre.
Oxalic Acid
Propionic Acid
Citric Acid
Acetic Acid
Formic Acid
Fosforic Acid
Distillate water up to
1/2 -3 ml per kg of complementary composer bee feed (sugar-water, syrup, sugar dough, vanilla, pollen pie), depending on the increased needs of the bee hive, during bee feed composition, so to achieve ph 4,85-5,5.
Acid Regular Bee Feed is the ideal mean to increase the acid which reduces the pH in bee feed given in any form and composition (syrup, fermented, vanilla) due to special formula which contains a blend of necessary organic and inorganic acids. This acids which are included in the formula due to the composition of bee feeds (huge sugar content) , some of their ingredients are part of honey's Krebs circle contribute in best coagulation of the given bee feed, instead of other ingredients which are not parts of honey's Krebs circle and contribute to the proper intestine's function and reinforce its unity.

The above properties with the necessary instructions have the following results:
1. Prevents the rock of the bee feed.
2. Helps to dissolve the sugars of the feed.
3. Contributes to the immediate absorption and easy metabolism of the feed.
4. Contributes to the invertion of the syrup's sugars.
5. Achieves better hydrolysis of the sugar in lower temperatures.
6. Is a selected acidity regulator, which even in the desired low temperatures for the bee feed production, achieves the best sugar hydrolysis.
7. Contributes to the proper intestine's function and reinforce its unity.
8. Reduces the unfavorable stressed situations caused by bee-keeping handles and contradictory weather circumstances.
9. Prevents the attack of the digestive system from inflicting damages, especially from Nosemiasis.(Nosema ceranae parasite).
10. Prevents hives from parasitic diseases, especially from Varooa.
11. Prevents HMF growing and reduces its production process.
12. Prevents the development of pathogenic factors to the water.

Suitable for all stages and seasons. Resists in high boil temperatures of the bee feeds. Does not leave any residue in the produced honey.
Net Weight 1 litre.
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